Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes


17th July 202417th July 2024
10th July 202410th July 2024
12h June 202412th June 2024
Annual Meeting and Council Meeting 8th May 2024Annual Meeting and Council Meeting 8th May 2024
APM 1st May 2024APM 1st May 2024
10th April 202410th April 2024
27th March 202427th March 2024
13th March 202413th March 2024
14th February 202414th February 2024
10th January 202410th January 2024
13th December 202313th December 2023
8th November 20238th November 2023
11th October 202311th October 2023
13th September 202313th September 2023
9th August 20239th August 2023
12th July 202312th July 2023
14th June 202314th June 2023
AGM & Council Meeting 10th May 2023AGM 10th May 2023
10th May 2023
APM 3rd May 2023APM 3rd May 2023
12th April 202312th April 2023
8th March 20238th March 2023
8th February 20238th February 2023
11th January 202311th January 2023
14th December 202214th December 2022
9th November 20229th November 2022
12th October 202212th October 2022
28th September 202228th September 2022
10th August 202210th August 2022
13th July 202213th July 2022
8th June 20228th June 2022
AGM & Council Meeting 11th May 2022AGM 11th May 2022
11th May 2022
APM 4th May 2022APM 4th May 2022
13th April 202213th April 2022
9th March 20229th March 2022
9th February 20229th February 2022
12th January 202212th January 2022
8th December 20218th December 2021
10th November 202110th November 2021
13th October 202113th October 2021
8th September 20218th September 2021
11th August 202111th August 2021
APM 21st July 2021APM 21st July 2021
14th July 202114th July 2021
9th June 20219th June 2021
AGM & Council Meeting 5th May 2021AGM 5th May 2021
5th May 2021
26th April 202126th April 2021
14th April 2021 postponed
10th March 202110th March 2021
10th February 202110th February 2021
13th January 202113th January 2021