Flood Warden

Local Flood Awareness

As we all know in North Curry Parish, we are in an area of high probability of flooding, either from the River Tone or more recently from surface water. What can you do, as an individual/householder to minimise the risk of flooding to your property? The local authorities and the Environment Agency (EA) are the bodies responsible for flood management, but it is always prudent to take measures to reduce the risk to your property if possible.

Here is some information that you may find of use.

  • Be aware of the Environment Agency Flood Warning Service, the Floodline number is 0845 988 1188. You can also ring this number to report overflowing watercourses. The EA website is ; environment-agency.gov.uk/flood
  • Look at the website ; bluepages.org.uk . This is a site provided by the National Flood Forum ( a registered charity), and it has a huge amount of useful information. You can click via the Home page, to go to the EA’s site for guidance on what to do to prepare your house for flooding. Also there is a Blue pages Directory, which has many products that might be useful, from things like gelbags to floodgates.
  • Be aware of any culverts/drains near your property that may get clogged with debris, and clear them if possible. Never put any oil, grease or dangerous substances down road gullies or household drains.
  • If you spot a problem on the highway, contact Somerset Highways on 0845 3459155 or via their website; somerset.gov.uk/irj/public/services/directory/service?rid
  • If you have a ditch bordering your property, you have RIPERIAN responsibilities. You are responsible for maintaining and clearing it. The ditch may form a vital part in clearing street or land runoff, especially in times of local flooding. The responsibility is 50:50 if the ditch borders another property. This is a legal ruling, under the Land drainage Act 1976 and enforced by the EA. Copies of the byelaws and a guide to riparian ownership can be obtained by contacting the EA or your Local Council Environment Services.
  • If you are at risk and water levels change quickly, take notes and photos with times and dates to help support any further action.
  • Finally a plea from experience from last November s flood in the centre of the village. Drive slowly through flood water, even if you are not at risk, the wake caused by your vehicle may flood adjacent properties.

This is only a brief list, but prepare yourself, as action can make all the difference, and even if you cannot stop the flooding, the impacts may be reduced.

Compiled by North Curry Flood Warden- Caroline Vaughan Tel; 01823 490677