The Parish Council receives numerous pieces of information from Councils and other agencies about what is, or will be, happening around the Parish.  The E-Letter endeavours proactively to keep you informed about such events as well as events regarding the Parish Council itself.  It is not intended to replace the Pink Sheet which covers social and other community news and items of interest.  The Parish Council column that appears in the Pink Sheet is limited in space, so while that will continue to appear, the E-Letter provides the opportunity to cover more items, and to publicise them in a more timely manner.  Please do encourage friends and neighbours to sign up to the service.

You can join  the circulation list by sending an email to e-letter@northcurry.com with your name and postcode or filling in the form below. All information including email addresses will be kept confidential and will not be circulated on the E-Letter or other communications.  The name and postcode details are optional and are for record purposes only.  If you previously subscribed to the Mailing List you will automatically be added to the circulation of the E-Letter.

If you wish to terminate this service please send an e-mail to e-letter@northcurry.com with STOP as the only text.

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