Commemorative Coronation Mugs

North Curry Parish Council has decided to provide free Coronation mugs to all children in the Parish aged 11 and under, and older children and adults can reserve one for £6.

The mugs are made of China, and are dishwasher safe.


If applying for a free mug for a child aged 11 or under:

Please provide the child’s name, date of birth, and first line of address and postcode. The mug will be free of charge.

If applying for a mug for a child aged 12 and over, or for an adult:

Please provide your name, first line of address and postcode, and include your £6 payment with your application.

You need to apply for a mug by 15th March in order to receive one.

Please send your application to with the subject ‘Coronation Mug’ or post in the Parish Office Post box. Payment can be made via cheque or cash.

Mugs will be available to pick up from the Parish Office once they have arrived.