North Curry Sport Ltd.

White Street is home to the flourishing North Curry Cricket and Football Clubs, and a maturing conservation area, all in 12-acres off Morris Way on the edge of the village.

North Curry Cricket Club runs three senior cricket teams and an under 11s team;

North Curry Football Club runs two senior teams and teams for under 8s and under 9s.

There is still room for more sport; any group, or individual, who would like to develop a club, is invited to get in touch with the Chairman.

Members of the cricket and football clubs keep the pitches and pavilion in good order and, together with local volunteers, they maintain the boundaries and the conservation areas.

It costs around £5,000 a year to run the site, the majority of which is raised by the ‘Big Bash’ in August.

The site is owned by North Curry Parish Council and is leased to North Curry Sport Ltd.

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