North Curry Parish Council has 13 elected members who serve the community for a term of four years and is supported by a part-time clerk. It is a civil body, not linked to the church, and in England called a local council.  It has many functions and powers, although some, for example the provision of public washhouses, are no longer realities.  You can read more about the evolution of the Parish Council in A Century RecordedPast Chairmen are listed here.

In North Curry the Council has a sub-committee for Planning matters. This means that all applications for development are considered and commented upon by the Parish Council.

The Council has delegates on the Village Hall and Playing Field Management Committees as the landowner for each property.  The Council also owns White Street Sports Field which it leases to North Curry Sport Ltd. - a management company.  Also it sends a representative to Somerset Association of Local Councils (SALC), and manages the allotments.  It owns and maintains various other properties including the village green and garden, and maintains the public footpath network of the Parish.  It also appoints the village Tree Warden and Flood Warden.  In 2006 North Curry Community Ltd., a Company set up by the Council, completed the refurbishment and letting of Town Farm Community Stable.

The Council supports its functions by raising funds from the Parish by precept which is additional to the Borough Council Tax and always detailed on the annual tax bill.  It is likely that additional powers will be given to Parish Councils soon so that the needs of our community can be met from within the Parish.  The aim of this Parish Council is to preserve, maintain and develop services and facilities that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Council meetings are held regularly and are open to attendance by members of the public.  Meetings of the Planning Committee are also held regularly and are also open to attendance by members of the public.  The Agendas are published in advance.  Minutes of both Council Meetings and Planning Committee Meetings are open for public inspection.  The latest Parish Council Accounts may also be viewed.

The Annual Parish Meeting, held annually in May, is not a Council meeting, but a Parish meeting of electors organised by the Parish Council and chaired by the Parish Council Chairman.

The Parish Office is located in Town Farm Community Stable and w.e.f. 1st August 2015 is normally open to visitors without appointment at the following times:

Tuesday 1:00 - 4:00; Wednesday 1:00 - 4:00; Thursday 10:00 - 1:00

The Parish Council can be contacted through the Parish Clerk by telephone on 01823 490136 (Office) or, in emergency, 01823 490612 (Home), by clicking here or by post at Parish Office, Town Farm Community Stable, Town Farm, North Curry, Taunton  TA3 6NP

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To find out more about parish councils in general and how to become a councillor there are several publications.

The Good Councillors Guide (2013)

This practical guidance booklet is aimed at providing an introduction to people new to the role of parish or town councillor and as a handy refresher for those who have had more time in the role. It covers a variety of different topics including; a councillors responsibilities; what they can, must and must not do; processes around meetings; delivery of service; and lots of tips explaining in simple terms the broader world of local government.
You may find this guidance document useful if you are new as a local councillor or if you are considering the role. It is also a handy reference guide for more experienced councillors.

‘All about parish and town councils’ (2007)

A joint NALC/Electoral Commission publication, this booklet gives simplified explanations about the role and work of parish and town councils and their councillors, explains the electoral process and provides a number of case studies highlighting the work of a selection of parish and town councils.

‘It takes all sorts – Local councils: represent your community, make a difference’ (2011) – Second Edition

A booklet highlighting the difference you can make by representing your community on your local council. It explains the role of local councils and local councillors and tells you how you can get involved. The booklet also features the thoughts of current councillors from around the country explaining a little about why they represent their communities. It makes it clear that people from all backgrounds and walks of life have made the journey to becoming a local councillor, and that so can you.  You may find this document useful if you are considering standing for your local council or if you are curious about the role of local councils and local councillors.